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  • How can I be sure I'm getting my pet's cremains back?
    The answer is a matter of professionalism, ethic, integrity, and most of all, trust. At Ashes to Ashes, we have an open door policy, which welcomes tours of our facility, including the crematory. We employ an identification process as soon as your pet comes into our care. It is checked at each step to ensure the highest level of attention. One of the most important parts of saying goodbye to your beloved pet involves making sure that your pet is properly identified. Please understand that if you stop by without an appointment and we are caring for the needs of those picking up or dropping off, we may not be able to chat long, but know that we welcome your visit.
  • How much will it cost to have my pet cremated and what is included?
    Depending upon the size of your pet, you may select a Private, Semi-Private or Pocket Pet Service. Please refer to the Services page for specific charges. A basic urn (white, hard plastic urn). An identification certificate. We will perform a standard, partitioned semi-private cremation service FREE OF CHARGE for certain licensed service animals. We accept payment by cash, credit cards and debit cards.
  • Can Ashes To Ashes pick up my pet?
    Unfortunately, at this time, we do not have a driver available.
  • Can Ashes to Ashes bring my pet back to me?
    Unfortunately, at this time, we do not have a driver available.
  • Why does the cost of cremation vary?
    The service chosen (depending on the degree of privacy desired), and the weight of the pet are factors. If you have chosen a Private Cremation for your pet, the process will utilize the entire crematory for approximately 3-5 hours. Since most crematories are fired by natural gas or propane, we are sure you understand the relationship between time, fuel and expense. If you have chosen a Semi-private Cremation for your companion, you are paying for a proportionate use of the crematory space. Because of space considerations, this is only available for pets that weigh less than 35 lbs.
  • How long does a cremation take?
    The entire cremation process will take between 3-5 hours depending upon the choice of cremation service and the size of the pet being cremated. If you select a Semi-private service, there may be a few day's delay while we wait for another Semi-private service to arrive.
  • Can my pet's things be cremated with them?
    Yes. You are welcome to send their favorite toy or bone that will be placed with them and will remain with them forever. Please understand that we must retain the right to refuse to incinerate some items due to size or flame retardant/chemical content issues.
  • What do cremains look like?
    Cremains are actually heat calcified bone fragments. They are whitish/grey in color and sometimes may have green or turquoise particulates in them. The color is a result of minerals contained within the bone itself. Most people are surprised to find that they are not just fine dust. The bone fragments are very small and are not offensive to view. The total amount of cremains, usually referred to in cubic inches, is directly related to the size, bone structure and weight of the pet that is cremated.
  • When will my pet's ashes (cremains) be available to pick up?
    Because we recognize the need for closure, the cremains can be available for pick up at our office within 48-72 hours. A 24-hour turnaround time is sometimes available. Cremains can be returned to your veterinarian clinic or another location. They may also be mailed to you. There is a fee for transportation or mailing.
  • Can you pick up/drop off my pet from/to my veterinary clinic?
    Unfortunately, at this time, we do not have a driver available.
  • What if my veterinarian uses someone else for cremation services or has a facility of their own?
    You are not required to use your vet's services or recommendations for cremation. Depending on your relationship, you may work with your vet through this time or you may request a private company, like Ashes to Ashes, handles your final cremation wishes for your pet. Please do ask questions. The choice is yours. Your vet shouldn't mind your choices and we do pick up at many, many veterinarian offices. Many of them will recommend us to their customers who express a desire to have a non-commercial processor like Ashes to Ashes to handle their pet.
  • What are pre-planning arrangements?
    While we never want to imagine the possibility that our loved ones won't be with us forever, sometimes illness or other situations arise that cause a concern regarding the loss of your pet. Pre-planning allows you the ability to research, ask questions, and decide what is truly right for your companion pet. We will ask your pet's name and some details about why you are calling. We want you to know that we are there for you, to develop a trusting relationship, and to answer your questions with honesty, even if you never use our services.
  • My pet died at home. What do I do?
    First of all, don't panic. You may think that immediately following death their body will begin natural processes but that is not the case. If you are emotionally comfortable, your pet can remain with you in your home for hours without any ill effects. You have some time, and depending on the weather, you can safely keep your pet until arrangements can be made. Call Ashes to Ashes at 207-943-6474 or 943-6361 for an appointment to drop off your pet. If you call us after hours, we will call you back first thing the next morning.
  • Why are appointments necessary?
    To be able to anticipate your needs and prevent interruption of final goodbyes and private time, we ask that you call ahead to schedule an appointment. We will make every effort to accommodate your schedule as well as handle emergencies that may arise. Because we are a small, family run business, we sometimes do not have a person in the office unless it is necessary. By making appointments, we can give you all of our attention. Please give us a call. Thank you for understanding. If the open sign is on, you are welcome to stop by anytime, but please understand if we are taking care of someone dropping off or picking up their pet, we may not be able to chat with you until we have taken care of them.
  • Are your services available evenings, weekends or holidays?"
    We closely monitor all incoming calls during the day and will return voicemail messages promptly. If you call us after hours, we will call you back the next business morning. You may also text us as all our numbers are cell phones. Emails are usually responded to within one or two business days although usually much faster.
  • Do you have a Facebook page?
    Yes! We do. Please visit our Facebook page. Feel free to post memorials and testimonials. Posts that you share with us are frequently saved on our Gallery page.
  • I saw your jewelry. I have urns holding the ashes of a few special pets that have died over the last 10 years. Can I put their ashes in your jewelry?
    Yes, you can. Your purchase of a remembrance jewelry item will include a small funnel that allows you to place one or more pet cremains inside. We will do this for you if you prefer.
  • When are you open?
    We are available by appointment only. Because we are a small, family owned business, if we do not expect someone, we handle other tasks which may or may not take us away from the property. We do require an appointment so we can be sure someone is on site for your arrival.

If you have another question you'd like to ask, go to our Contact Page or CLICK HERE.


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